A World Apart Trailer

Official trailer for the A World Apart podcast. Hosted by Dallis Warshaw.

Episode 1

Superhero Sarah: The Marine Amputee Who Won Gold

Sarah Rudder was minutes from the Pentagon being promoted to Lance Corporal on the morning of September 11, 2001. The events that followed would take her more than a decade to overcome. Hosted by Dallis Warshaw.

Episode 2

Stories from Vietnam

Hear short stories from three Vietnam War veterans, from an anti-war “flower child” to first hand accounts from combat. Hosted by Dallis Warshaw.

Episode 3

The War That Followed Him Home

The disposal of trash is a basic function, but the way the military does it may be killing many of our veterans. Hosted by Dallis Warshaw.

Episode 4

There’s No Crying In Boot Camp

Experience boot camp through the stories of veterans who lived it. Hosted by Megan Rohn.

Episode 5

Drill Baby Drill

Interview with former Marine Corps Drill Instructor Nate Schoemer. Hosted by Dallis Warshaw.

Episode 6

After Midnight, Before Dawn: A Story of Military Sexual Trauma

Ann-Marie, aka “Midnight,” is a former professional wrestler who, for the first time, is sharing her story about being sexually assaulted while in the Air Force. Hosted by Dallis Warshaw.